Robert Carlson-Moeller -has been involved in the personal growth field as a teacher and certified practitioner for over 17 years. 

 Robert has studied Sports medicine at the Sports Institute of San Diego under John Harris, an Olympic trainer and Shiatsu under a priest of Zen foundation arts. For ten years he apprenticed in Breath and Body work. He trained as a Marital Artist for 15 years achieving his 3rd Degree black belt. He continues his study’s in Tai Chi Kung and Qi Gong breathing and movement.

He is working towards his certification in Movement Therapy in Spacial Dynamics.Robert cured himself after years of being challenged with a severe case of pneumonia. He found a better technique to breathe in order to heal his own lungs and change his life. Robert is currently teaching and conducting seminars on the  “Art of Natural Breathing” and a form of bodywork called “Body Memory”, as well as having his private practice here in Mssachusetts.                                                                                                       


Robert Carlson-Moeller